Smart Ear Candy… Like You’ve Never Heard Before

Leading retailers know that to connect with customers in fresh ways and bring brands to life is key to remain competitive. Whether ‘In-Store’ or while ‘On Hold’, now is the optimal time to learn how our custom engineered, privately branded, 4D In-Store Audio Solution will speak directly to your customers with relevancy and a distinct voice.

Professionally produced marketing messages can be integrated with approved music to create unique store soundtracks that reflect your business objectives, preferred audience experiences, and emotional ambiance. Our Targeted Music & Message Delivery and Go Live’ Playlist Alterations gives you the ability to remix your programming on the fly based on intelligent considerations such as time of day, ambient noise levels and traffic patterns.

In-house engineered features, such as Calibrated Volume Scheduling and Customized Music Rotation reduce the challenges inherent of self-managed systems.

By managing your UR-Tunes, we free up valuable time and company resources.

Check Out These Features

  • Full service content creation & extensive music selection – Multilingual content capabilities for music, ad spots, or announcements
  • Targeted message delivery, ‘Go Live’ playlist alterations, and dayparting
  • Store & forward audio service with the latest in media player technology
  • Calibrated volume scheduling system – overcome the challenges of ambient noise levels
  • Centralized distribution with local control capability
  • ‘Full Circle Approach’ deployment

Discover the Benefits

  • We take care of the entire licensing process, from music rights, royalties, tariffs, reproductions and copyright fees
  • Seamless music to message transitions eliminating interruptions and abrupt audio changes
  • Audience measurement tools provide insightful metrics
  • Deliver a captivating listening experience to single or multiple zones in-store
  • Flexibility to integrate with your existing infrastructure, PA and On-Hold system
  • 1 Partner focused on building & managing your ENTIRE broadcast network


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