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Tangible Results From The Moment ‘UR’ On Air

A commitment to ‘U’ and ‘UR’ business is our Guiding Principle. Contact us to learn more about how we can build ‘UR’ Channel to bring you tangible results from the moment ‘UR’ On Air.

This is UR-Channel.  Broadcast Your Message. 

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Executive Brief

1 Platform Integrating Technology & Content

UR-Channel’s innovative Digital Marketing & Corporate Communications Product Portfolio consolidates many business media applications and services onto 1 highly cost effective, scalable platform. Our cutting-edge solutions at the intersection of technology and content give you the ability to reach your full corporate potential by generating branding opportunities, driving revenue, realizing cost savings and productivity benefits that will hit your bottom line from the onset.

1 Partner Helping You Elevate Your Message

Having 1 partner focused on building and managing a genuine end-to-end digital broadcast network from under 1 roof is unmatched by competitors who must aggregate numerous suppliers. As a dedicated partner, we capture your business intelligence and methodologies, then migrate our philosophy and platform to elevate your message by digitizing analog experiences.

Under 1 Roof as an Extension of Your Team

Appealing to leading enterprise organizations in North America, our single source ‘Full Circle Approach’ delivers your entire channel, from hardware procurement, software, installation services and network management, to ongoing creative services and platform-wide technical support.

The ‘Full Circle Approach’ means we’re with you every step of the way, now, and into the future… continuously evolving with your needs, keeping you at the forefront of technology and ensuring that you put out the right message at the right time to your audience, whomever they may be.

Place Based Media Solutions

   UR-Show. Dynamic Digital Signage – Touch Screens, Tablets, Mobile, etc.

   UR- Tunes. 4D In-Store Audio

   UR-Training. Corporate Communications & Training

   UR-Broadcast. Live Event Broadcasting

When our solutions are combined, you too will discover the ultimate advantages of a truly synergetic, omnichannel digital media ecosystem that stimulates captive audiences’ senses and behaviour in what they see, hear, learn, touch, and take away.

Broadcast Your Message

Broadcast extraordinary experiences that are highly entertaining, engaging, and informative to audiences anywhere around the world. Whether your message speaks to your customers, employees, or shareholders, it is aired on our advanced, secure media network, via wired or wireless internet, cellular, or satellite transmission paths.


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